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can you cure tinnitus?

Is there really no cure for tinnitus?

I wasn’t sure how to write this post because of how controversial this might come across. The most common question I get asked in coaching sessions and working with people is, “there really is no cure to tinnitus?” I have changed my opinion on this throughout the years and definitely have, after I went on to completely recover. When we hear the word cure, we often assume taking a pill that alleviates us our suffering almost instantly. For example, when we get a headache we pop an aspirin and the headache goes away. It’s very simple and straight forward. So we’ve all been conditioned by modern pharmacopeia to approach our problems in life with that sort of blueprint and strategy. Suffering = pill. 

The problem with this approach is that its very 1 demential, it assumes life is simple and life’s problems are fixed with the same style of solution. I hate to break it to you, life does not work like that, I wish it did, that would be very simple. The truth is, life is filled with countless of possible scenarios that could happen to us, at any moment that are uncontrollable and unwanted. Tinnitus being one of them and honestly probably one of the more benign situations. 

So it helps to first understand what you mean by a cure, if its the definition above that I just described, then no. There is no cure for tinnitus. There is no pill you can take to control or stop the sound that you’re hearing. Anything claiming to do so is a scam, so save your money and don’t fall for that. 

Here is the good news, if we change our perception of what a cure is, there is a lot of hope for tinnitus. If you can’t control the situation, can you control yourself? Your thoughts and actions about the situation? What if your suffering was caused by your thoughts and reaction, not the situation… You might be thinking this is crazy, I HAVE A LOUD RINGING! I know what is causing my suffering! 

Really, are you sure about that? What if I told you that not everyone with tinnitus suffers. It may be hard to believe but it’s absolutely true, why do you think they call it “bothersome tinnitus?” Because it’s not a problem unless it bothers you. So the steps to recovery becomes simple, we can’t stop the sound, but we can change how we respond to it. So let’s change that and let our brains handle the rest. 

This is the cure. This is the way forward and the way out of the tinnitus trap. This is exactly what I did and I made an entire webinar video about it, its about 45 minutes long but it will absolutely change your life, I promise. I still look back on my journey with tinnitus, whenever I’m struggling with other situations life chucks at me. I ask myself, “can I change this situation? If the answer is no, then I work on changing my response to the situation.” It’s very hard and takes work. Which is why I made a blueprint on how to do this with tinnitus, I spell it all out in the webinar and its helped so many people recover. Go check it out using the link below.


How I recovered from tinnitus so well that I never hear it anymore