Habituation Blueprint

how I habituated to bothersome tinnitus

Knowing This #1 Thing About Tinnitus Changed My Life

In this post I want to talk about the #1 thing that I realized about tinnitus and how it changed my life. Let’s start by a little back story about me and how I believe tinnitus came into my life. 

I have a long history of loud noise exposure, I grew up in the country and y’all know how that goes lol. Growing up I was around guns, dirt bikes, chainsaws, drills, explosives (yes my brother and I would make homemade m80’s) we even got the cops called… But that’s another story haha.. I learned to play guitar at a very young age and as far back as I can remember I was playing loud rock music. I would jam for hours with my friends and use no hearing protection. Looking back I am horrified at how I treated my hearing. But that is the past and there is nothing we can do about it now. Moving forward. 

The point is I was exposed to a lot of loud, damaging sounds early on in life. Which is probably why I have high frequency hearing loss and tinnitus. Yes, I caused my own suffering and I accept that. I’ve also had things happen to me that weren’t my fault that led to my tinnitus relapse and losing habituation. The last incident of tinnitus that happened to me was caused by an inner ear infection, so I can’t entirely blame myself. The point is, ruminating on the past, feeling bad about it, beating yourself up and feeling sorry, doesn’t help you. It only makes it worse, trust me..

The number #1 thing that blew my mind about my tinnitus and the suffering it was causing me was, the tinnitus itself isn’t the root cause of my suffering. Wait a second and hear me out… Because I know what some of y’all might be thinking. Sure, if you could stop the sound, then you could stop your suffering. But you can’t stop the sound, so what do you do? The real revelation came when I began talking to people who had tinnitus, but these people never thought to freak out about it. Yes, there are people who get tinnitus and never suffer a day in their life. Millions of people actually, you never hear about them because they don’t talk about it. They don’t talk about it, because it isn’t an issue. You only hear the negative stories, written by people who are trapped inside the tinnitus loop and are desperate. That’s why they have a term called “bothersome tinnitus,” its different from just tinnitus. So it’s absolutely possible to have tinnitus and not be bothered by it. 

Now for the real mind blowing question, if you currently have tinnitus and are bothered by it, is it possible for you to become someone who isn’t bothered by it? If you could, would you still suffer? The answer to that is no! You wouldn’t suffer anymore. I actually began to put my theory to the test, I developed what I call the “Habituation Blueprint,” its a step by step formula for how I guided my way out of tinnitus suffering and into the category of people who don’t suffer. If its possible for me to do it, then its possible for you to do it! 

I go on in detail about the steps of what’s in the habituation blueprint in this 45 min webinar I’ve put together. This information is life changing, it changed my life and if you take some time to watch it, I know it can change yours. So grab some popcorn, carve out some time and head on into the webinar. I look forward to seeing you all in there!


How I recovered from tinnitus so well that I never hear it anymore